Best Proteins for Consumption(Taste)

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Best Proteins for Consumption(Taste) Empty Best Proteins for Consumption(Taste)

Post  C.Junior on Sat Dec 08, 2012 9:21 pm

SS tier-
Soy- like Tofu . I survive of these so nuff said. And i would eat Tofu forever

S Tier-
Seafood in general- Light to digest and tasty.

Fish - white ish meat -
crustaceans ( not crab) - Hmm Shrimp --> Lobsters
Shell fish - Scallops --> Clams --> mussels

Base on taste/ health
Pork - A slight favorite over chicken, has most variety and can be used as substitute in any meat dish
Chicken - lean and tasty
Eggs- ?? Probably here.... Vegetarians can eat these somehow, amazing loophole!!

Base on Taste alone
Beef- Probably the most flavorful, Red meat takes a lot to digest.
Duck- Roast duck is really good, for Rubix
lamb- just not better than pork chicken or beef.
Tuna- Doesn't taste that great

Turkey- I'm not listing uncommon birds like pigeon, and this is the least tasty popular poultry
Crab: wtf is this shit... so much shell, no meat and it doesn't taste good. Exception being crab cakes which would fit in about MID tier.

Super Bottom:
These things taste better than Crab but i would still order crab over those

Squid and Octopus- I didn't eat it much, and it's too expensive for a blah taste
Frog- I ate it like twice as a kid, Shit is still better than crab and tastes like chicken

escargot- snails, waste of everything


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